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Laundry Day #9

June 2, 2010


Rags: 15
Bath mat: 1

Temperature: Warm

Cost: $3.25

What have we learned?

We had a flood. A pipe burst two floors above us and sent water gushing down into the apartment.

It was a mess, but it could have been worse. No one was injured. No valuables were destroyed. And fortunately my big bag of rags was close at hand to mop up some of the yuck. Industrial dehumidifiers and fans are working on the rest.

I thought the bath mat was a goner, but the washing machine sorted it out. The sopping rags have also been washed and dried and are ready for the next job, which I hope won’t be anytime soon. Now I’m washing the dirty, damp clothes—there are a lot of those.

Life has been uncomfortable and discouraging for the past two days. Laundry has provided a sense of normalcy.