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Laundry Day #1

February 20, 2010


Underwear: 23
Undershirts: 1
Socks: 2
Towels: 4

Temperature: Hot

Cost: $3.25

What have we learned?

1) I do laundry for two. Truly, I probably own more than twenty pairs of underwear but I wouldn’t wait until I’d run through my entire inventory before doing a wash. Only half of those I washed today are mine.

2) I do not own my own washing machine. Oh, I have owned a washer and dryer, and I aspire to own some again someday, but right now I live in an apartment building and share a laundry room with 100 or so other people.

Laundry invites examination and investigation. It’s a regular episode of Murder, She Wrote or CSI or Psych – pick your poison – filled with psychological and behavioral clues and a staggering amount of DNA evidence. But let’s not dwell upon that last part.