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Washin’ in the Rain

April 26, 2010

Rainy days are tricky for laundry. If you hang yours out in the yard to dry, the dilemma is clear. Yet even if you use an electric dryer you might still have a sense that the laundry isn’t entirely dry, particularly if it’s been raining for a few days and everything seems to be a bit damp indoors and out.

Nevertheless I did my laundry on this rainy day—the second of what looks to be a string of them. Now I feel all cozy inside.

There’s a big pile of freshly dried laundry waiting for me, and T-shirts and pants hanging on the drying rack for later. If I’m feeling ambitious I might take out the ironing board or sew on a stray button, but it’s more likely that I’ll put a good movie on the TV, fold the towels, pair up the socks and smooth out the sheets.

When things look gloomy outside, laundry helps you focus inward.

There is Always Laundry

February 22, 2010

There have been more days than I should admit when laundry was the only thing I accomplished before my head hit the pillow in the evening. I write “laundry” on my “to do” list most days, and when it’s done, I cross it off the list. Complete.

I consider doing a load of laundry an accomplishment, because it gives me satisfaction to know that I’m sleeping on clean sheets, using fresh towels and opening drawers full of clean clothes when I get dressed each day.

This is not to say that I believe doing laundry makes me accomplished as an individual. Only that it is a tangible indication I am taking care of things at home, making an effort to restore order and tidiness, which might, somehow, if I’m very, very lucky, restore order and tidiness to my thoughts. At the very least it says that I’ll have clean underwear for another week.

There might not be work, but there is always laundry. Some days, that’s enough.

Regular Wash

February 19, 2010

I probably did my first load of laundry in high school, using Wisk most likely, even though ring around the collar was never one of my laundry day issues. (I swore to myself I wouldn’t tip my hand about my age, but I might have broken that promise already. So be it.)

My first load of laundry in college was a disaster. Red sweatpants and a tan T-shirt do not make happy companions in the washer. No, we can’t all get along. Lesson learned.

And so it has continued: hot, warm, cold and around again.

When people tell me that they hate doing laundry, I don’t understand. Perhaps this blog will change their opinions.