After the Flood

There’s been a lot of laundry one way or another. (Movie reference; look it up, but you’ll have to substitute a less pleasing word for laundry.)

After a holiday weekend there’s always a lot of laundry. After a vacation there’s even more. Some people dread unpacking the suitcase for just that reason, but not me. (No surprise there.) If you can keep the holiday buzz alive for a day or two longer—and it’s tough, I know—there’s enough energy to get the wash done. And how good that feels!

It’s hard to return to work. Sometimes even typing on the computer is difficult, as if the muscle memory in your fingers is the first to go. But there’s no pressure with laundry. Sure it’s a little sad to wash and put away your vacation clothes, especially if you’ve just returned from a sunny tropical isle and it’s a cold, dreary February day at home. Yet that move toward tidiness keeps your spirits buoyant.

I just finished washing the clothes that were soaked in our flood. They’re back in the drawers where they belong. It will be weeks (optimistically)—months (realistically)—before our home is back to normal, but at least that much is done.

Laundry makes reentry easier.


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