Patience in the Laundry Room

Patience and Peace live down the hall from me, but I see Patience most often in the laundry room. Somehow our paths only seem to coincide on laundry days, even though they are not regularly scheduled events.

It happens like that sometimes. In a building with more than a hundred residents there are some you never see at all, some you see occasionally, some too often.

Patience is in charge of laundry for their household. It’s a rare thing when the man takes on laundry duty. I assume Peace does the cooking, or the cleaning or some other household chore. Maybe she just commandeers the TV remote, but I don’t believe so. Peace would want an equal division of labor.

Then again, you could say she took on more than her share of labor when she gave birth to Peanut this year. Peanut made Patience and Peace a trio, and my guess is that she now accounts for more laundry than either of her parents.

I don’t know if Patience wakes up for 2 a.m. feedings or if he walks the floor with Peanut when she cries, but I know he does her laundry. Peanut’s tiny pink outfits are soft and clean, and she always has something pretty and fresh to wear.

Peanut is loved. Laundry tells her so.


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