We’re All Special in the Laundry Room

Laundry is the great equalizer.

Everyone has soiled underthings. Everyone has favorite garments that they wear when they’re alone (or with the ones who love them regardless) and that no amount of fraying, discoloration, holes or misshapenness can convince them to part with.

You might be gifted, beautiful, intelligent—all of the above. You might have been taught to believe you’re gifted, beautiful, intelligent… (You know, special.) Doesn’t matter; your sweat still stinks. Sooner or later your clothes must be washed.

Nothing is more ordinary than laundry.

We don’t cultivate the ordinary the way that we should. Instead, we strive to be special and, often, wind up frustrated when others don’t appear to recognize the specialness we see in ourselves. Maybe we would be happier and more satisfied if we nurtured our own ordinariness.

We wash our clothes because we don’t want to stand out; we don’t want to smell, don’t want to be stained. Laundry leaves us clean, unblemished, renewed.

What’s so special about one ordinary wash? Now you know.


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