Laundry Day #5


Sheets: 2
Pillowcases: 4
Towels: 5
Dishtowels: 4
Bathroom rug: 1
Shirts: 5
Sweaters: 9
Underwear: 15

Temperature: Hot/Cold

Cost: $8.00

What have we learned?

It’s the first day of spring—or at least it was when this laundry day occurred. (There’s a bit of a time lag on this blog sometimes.) While I don’t always suck it up for bona fide spring cleaning in March, I do take the opportunity to do a little extra laundry. So, on this day, it was three loads and it included the dishtowels and the bathroom rug.

I don’t wash the bathroom rug nearly as often as I should, and I save the dishtowels until I collect a few of them to make up a load. On this day, to celebrate the new season, I popped them all into a cold wash together.

The sweaters, which went into a cold delicate cycle, might be making their last appearance on the laundry list for a while. I’m hopeful that the winter weather is behind us and that the days will become progressively brighter and warmer.

The first laundry day of spring is symbolic that way. It signals an impending change for the better. Washing away the dust of the past lets us approach the future feeling clean and organized, eager and uplifted.

Laundry gives us the chance for a fresh start.


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