Laundry Day #4


Shirts: 12
Pants: 5
Pajamas: 1

Temperature: Warm

Cost: $1.75

What have we learned?

Laundry lets us make our own choices.

This is the least costly load of wash I’ve done since beginning this blog. That’s because I washed the clothes ($1.75) but I didn’t tumble-dry them; thus saving $1.50 and a small amount of electricity and gas. It’s possible to figure out how much electricity and gas, I suppose, but I simply don’t feel like doing the math this time. (Sue me.)

I live in an apartment building with no outdoor access so my clothesline is actually a laundry rack set up in my bathtub. I don’t have the space to line-dry everything every time, but I do what I can. All shirts, pants and pjs are hung up to dry. Besides saving me money and saving a little bit of energy, line-drying keeps my clothes from shrinking.

On the other hand, in my building’s laundry room I regularly encounter neighbors who choose to use more than one dryer for their laundry. So, even though I didn’t use my “share” of the dryers today, they used twice their share. We’ve canceled each other out.

I’ve made my choice and they’ve made theirs.

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