Dark, Light and Gray

Most people sort their laundry before washing—by color and by care instructions. You wouldn’t wash a lightly soiled cotton sweater with a pair of dirty jeans and you wouldn’t wash your red sweatpants with your tan T-shirt (or at least you wouldn’t make that mistake twice).

Delicate or rugged, light or dark: These are easy distinctions to make. But what do you do with the grays?

I happen to launder a number of gray T-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, and so on; so many that I’ve considered doing a “gray wash” separate from the lights and darks. But the thing about grays is that they don’t need to be separated from the rest. I can wash the grays with my dark jeans or with my light T-shirts. They come out fine in either case.

Grays are adaptable; grays blend. Grays are a lesson in compromise.

Laundry helps you appreciate the gray areas.


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