We Meet Our Neighbors in the Laundry Room

Pixie brings disinfectant wipes with her to the laundry room. This always seems like a good idea to me, but somehow I never remember to do it. Also, when I go to the laundry room I’m juggling a laundry bag, a bottle of detergent and a bottle of fabric softener. I can’t carry the wipes as well. Pixie brings her laundry downstairs in a laundry basket so it’s easier for her.

She wipes out the washers with the disinfectant before she loads her clothes. She even wipes out the laundry basket after she empties it. Pixie is conscientious.

I often meet her in the laundry room on Saturday morning. She never hogs all the machines and she comes downstairs promptly to collect her laundry when the cycle is finished. Pixie is considerate.

Even when she had a cat (it died a few years ago) Pixie never left the washers full of cat hair. She always wiped them clean when she was finished. This is a rare and valuable trait in a neighbor with whom one shares a laundry room. If you have ever shared a laundry room with pet owners you know this. Pixie understands.

Other neighbors are not like Pixie.

Pixie’s friend Polo lives with a dog and three cats. You don’t ever want to follow Polo in the laundry room.

I wish Polo learned as much from Pixie as I have.


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