Laundry Day #3


Sheets: 2
Pillowcases: 2
Towels: 5
Pants: 3
Shirts: 14
Pajamas: 1
Underwear: 18
Undershirts: 3
Socks: 43

Temperature: Warm/Hot

Cost: $5.00

What have we learned?

Optimism is sometimes rewarded.

The sock that went missing recently turned up in today’s laundry. No doubt it was languishing in the hamper waiting for its turn in the wash cycle. It has now been reunited with its mate.

I’m not by nature an optimistic person. Far from it, in fact. Yet I’m attempting to retrain myself to expect better from myself and for myself, and to appreciate the little pluses—sometimes very little pluses—that occur from time to time.

Recovering a stray sock might seem insignificant, but it’s something. Like finding a penny on the ground when you’re walking down the street. On its own it’s not worth much at all, but find enough and they add up.

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