My Laundry Bag

During my junior and senior years in college I worked in a launderette. This job mainly involved making change for students who lived in off-campus housing so that they could use the washers and dryers; tagging and bagging dry cleaning, which was then sent to another facility for processing; selling candy, cigarettes, newspapers and magazines; making photocopies and taking care of various other tasks and services for students and locals.

The laundry bag I have used since then is a dry cleaning bag that I “procured” from that launderette. There were hundreds of them. I was a poor student. It seemed acceptable at the time, although I suppose I should feel guilty about it now. On the other hand, I feel confident that mine is the only bag from that vast litter that is still in use; the others no doubt abused and discarded long ago.

My laundry bag has lived a long and useful life. Aged now, faded and frayed, it continues to serve.


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