Selecting My Cycle

How long does it take to create momentum?

Right now I feel like I’ve just selected my cycle. Regular Wash. Warm. Universal, easy and manageable. I feel the excitement of a new beginning—the pleasure of hearing the water cascade from the hoses into the tub, watching through the window of the front loader as it soaks the clothes, preparing for the time when there will be agitation, suds, a rinse and a good, hard spin before they finally come to a rest in the bottom of the drum.

I love to watch the T-shirts that cling to the top of the drum when the cycle comes to an end. They grip the edge, flattening themselves against it, trying to avoid the inevitable pull of gravity. Eventually, though, the force is too strong; they must let go. And so they drop onto the pile below.

They’re like someone dangling off a cliff, hanging over an abyss enshrouded by clouds, desperate to claw his way back onto the precipice. Letting go is a risk when you don’t know what’s waiting to meet you on the other side. Then again, like the T-shirt dropping onto the pile of freshly washed clothes, you could discover that this is where you belonged all along.

It takes more than a few days to create momentum—this I know. Then I see something like this blog post and I believe that there is significance to everything. Even laundry. Especially laundry.


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