There is Always Laundry

There have been more days than I should admit when laundry was the only thing I accomplished before my head hit the pillow in the evening. I write “laundry” on my “to do” list most days, and when it’s done, I cross it off the list. Complete.

I consider doing a load of laundry an accomplishment, because it gives me satisfaction to know that I’m sleeping on clean sheets, using fresh towels and opening drawers full of clean clothes when I get dressed each day.

This is not to say that I believe doing laundry makes me accomplished as an individual. Only that it is a tangible indication I am taking care of things at home, making an effort to restore order and tidiness, which might, somehow, if I’m very, very lucky, restore order and tidiness to my thoughts. At the very least it says that I’ll have clean underwear for another week.

There might not be work, but there is always laundry. Some days, that’s enough.

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